We Service:


TractorComing soon
Super B HoppersComing soon
Int Flush S B HoppersComing soon
Int Wand Wash S B HoppersComing soon
Tandem HopperComing soon
Int Flush Tan HopperComing soon
Int Wand Wash Tan HopperComing soon
Tridem HopperComing soon
Int Flush Tridem HopperComing soon
Int Wand Wash Tri HopperComing soon
Tarps (Per Tarp)Coming soon
VansComing soon
Int Vans FlushComing soon
Super B DecksComing soon
Tandem DeckComing soon
Tridem DeckComing soon
Tridem ChassisComing soon
Super B TankersComing soon
Int Flush S B TankersComing soon
Tandem TankerComing soon
Int Flush Tan TankerComing soon
Tridem TankerComing soon
Int Flush Tri TankerComing soon
Super B PneaumaticsComing soon
Int Flush S B PneaumaticComing soon
Super B Gravel TrailersComing soon
Tandem Gravel TrailerComing soon
Tridem Gravel TrailerComing soon
Single Axle Van BodyComing soon
Tandem Axle Van BodyComing soon
Single Axle Gravel TruckComing soon
Tandem Gravel TruckComing soon
All Cattle LinersTimed
All Acid WashesTimed
Labour Rate (Lube Bay)Coming soon
Tractor GreaseComing soon

*All Units Excessively Dirty or Icy are to be Timed Washes
*Timed Washes are Priced at $130/Hr for 2 Men
*All Unlisted Equipment Priced at $130/Hr for 2 Men or $40/Hr Per Man Plus $1/Minute
*All Prices Plus Taxes & Enviro Fees